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This will probably be our last post for 2011 and we wanted to close the year with a big bang! So here it is: We would like to announce that Photography By Mélanie will have a new address of sorts. … Continue reading

Traveling pants ..

So this is (probably) the last of the Istanbul pictures that I will be posting up for you guys. I had the chance not only to experience this beautiful city and its culture while I was there but I also got to do one of the things I wake up every morning dreaming of: traveling with someone I love.

Ahh. Traveling. Its good. Its bad. Its hilarious and sometimes very serious business. But when you have the right person next to you it just makes it one great big adventure! And what an adventure this was.

There I was, in complete culture shock, seeing the bustling streets and the vendors ( who are borderline on harassing may I add) not quite knowing where to look and being slightly (read very much) overwhelmed and he was in his home town. Happy as ever. Glad to be back to all the familiar streets and smells and people that he loves. I don’t think I could have enjoyed this city half as much with any other guide then him.

So here are a few shots of our lovely time together across the big blue sea. And I will never be able to say thanks enough to him or his wonderful family who took me in and shared with me this immense feeling of caring & love.