International Wedding Photographer Featured @ Les Fleurs Kenzo

This will probably be our last post for 2011 and we wanted to close the year with a big bang! So here it is:

We would like to announce that Photography By Mélanie will have a new address of sorts. We will still be mainly located in downtown Montreal but will be taking up shop within La Boutique Les Fleurs Kenzo (1888 Boul. St-Martin, Laval). Fun fun!

We met Christina from Montreal Entrepreneurs (the mastermind behind this whole operation) back in November while nonchalantly walking into her store in search for a birthday present for a loved one. (Yes, my aunt almost cried when she saw the flowers. Just saying! )

Not only did they provide an amazingly cheerful service (despite the fact that it was past their normal opening hours) but we also came to realize that they offer a bridal one stop shop. Amazing!!

Les Fleurs Kenzo is more than a simple flower shop, it’s an entire team under one roof which caters to everything from flowers, cakes & sweets, makeup by INK21 (we will be featuring her in a later post!), alterations for the dresses to well… just about anything you can think of if you are thinking bridal.

Yet, despite this whole beehive of wedding professionals they did not have a wedding photographer! So we jumped on the opportunity with a huge grin on our face and now we are a happy part of the Montreal Entrepreneurs family!

Fast forward a couple months and January is on the horizon. We wanted to let you know that we will be present in the store as of the 2nd week of January. We will have some photos of previous work as well as a luxe appointment book available to you. We will also be able to meet with new and potential clients there as they have a lovely little sitting area. Isn’t it lovely?

We strongly suggest checking out Kenzo if you are a bride, or even if you are just looking for a sweet treat or because you forgot your girlfriend’s birthday and you need some “I’m sorry flowers”. Check them out, you won’t regret it.

Stay tuned for more photos and the exact date of the setup!