100th Facebook Fan Contest

Hello again!

So here it goes. Our very first contest … and what better thing to celebrate then our 100th facebook fan?! Seriously. We are so stoked about this journey from single digits facebook fans (yes that’s how many family memebers I have on facebook) to our first 100 fans that we can’t wait to celebrate this with you.

Three digets. Now I know that for most of you that may not be a big deal. But here at ByM we really believe that every small happy thing make up to great big happy clouds of fluffy pink-ness. We also believe that no good thing can go unshared.. which explains the contest.  Woo! Hoo!

So who’s going to be that special person to shoot with us and warm her/his winter day with? No one knows just yet. Heck. We haven’t even started accepting submissions yet. But we are already soooooooooooooo excited!

Here are the guidelines:

1. LIKE the FB PAGE!
2. Submit to us your best photo (doesn’t have to be a professional shot.. just one where you feel / look your best )
3. Tell all your friends about it and get them to vote for you by pressing the LIKE button on your photo..
4. Go to our main website ByMPhotography.com, click on the BRIGHT GREEN ENVELOPPE + sign up to get all of our coming promotions & contests!!

Photography Contest