Feat: Multifolds Photography

I met Bobby in Singapore sometime in 2008 and I wouldn’t have guessed then that some 3 years later his company (co-founded with his friend Melvin) would have taken off so well and gone completely viral. They now have some 10 000 fans on facebook and are probably busier then most of us can ever imagine to be.The great thing about this company is that it comes from a place of passion and love… you can see this in all of their photos. In every single shot. I kid you not.So a big bravo to you boys! Keep up the amazing inspirational work!!
Here is what they have to say about themselves:To us, weddings are a significant mark in our lives. From the intricate details like the ring to the very moment you say ‘I do’, every moment holds true to your heart. Your ideal wedding has to be glamorous, but more importantly, you want these once-in-a-lifetime memories to be captured in superior quality, to last for future generations to see.
Our working ideology is to entrust in us and in re…turn, you can picture a multifolds.
We don’t simply snap photos. We take it a step further by bringing out the emotions and feelings attached to the photo.
But above all this, we believe that the best approach to capturing a genuinely spontaneous moment is to create a fun and creative environment. While most photographers strive to create that perfect picture, very few recognize that the essence of a picture lies in capturing the spontaneity of that perfect moment.
All you need to do is flash that megawatt smile and let us do the hard work.
You can find them on Facebook or on their website here!
If you ever happen to be in Singapore or somewhere in that area… drop them a line. They are a really cheerful bunch!