Feat: Thaoski

After surfing the net for countless hours looking for all things creative, I’ve come to realise that there are some very talented people out there (Thank God!) haha. That being said, I think I will do some mini features of some of the most inspirational people I have found on the net. Some local. Some very far. But all immensely creative people who have made my brain tic.

So here’s the first of those amazing people (and one which I hope to work with some day). THAOSKI.

This is what she says about herself:

THAOSKI: What I am and what I am not

Since setting up this blog I have been asked dozens of times if I’m a photographer. The simple answer is no I am not.

What I am is a photographic story teller and art director.

I collaborate with photographers to create unique photo shoots for couples who are engaged. Why engaged couples? Because organising weddings can be so stressful it’s worth taking some time out to have a bit of fun.

As a story teller I also write about my random thoughts and as an art director I also get asked to shoot some random things (ie. not couples).

This is something I do to explore my creativity, so the more random this journey becomes the better!”

And I can tell you her journey seems to be quite good!”

You can find more of Thaoski’s wonderful work HERE!

** Please take note that I did not take any part in the shoot which is shown above. I simply find it beautiful and inspiring.