{ Istanbul } Travel Photography III


{ Istanbul } Travel Photography

Ah. Istanbul. Where should I even begin to tell you about this story…

In a land where everything is “çok güzel” (“very beautiful” an expression they use for food, the language, people, sights.. music. EVERYTHING) and there is a reason for that. Trust me. You will deny your own mother’s food in order to eat the local stuff once you’ve been here. Sorry moms, but it’s the truth. Plus I’ve had the blessing to get the home cooked food pretty much the whole time I was there and I can’t even start to explain how my taste buds partied! Just remembering some of the dishes now makes my mouth water.

So if you haven’t been. Go. There’s no doubt this city will give you a run for your money and put peace in your heart.

Now don’t get me wrong. You think taxi drivers in your city are crazy or that there are many people in New York’s time square? Come to Istanbul and New York city will start to look like some small town in Oklahoma and you will all of a sudden feel safe to cross the biggest boulevard in your city. Cars here are NUTS and they don’t even SLOW DOWN when you cross, forget about stopping. So much for pedestrian priority.

Once you get over yourself and you learn to speed walk across streets though, it’s quite a lovely city. With tons of hidden nooks and treasures.
Travel Photography

Travel photography. Istanbul. 2011