{ Yvette } Lifestyle Shoot

A little bird told me : there’s a really cool location you should use… gave me a key. An address. And told me I should go on the roof that it would take my breath away. Oh gosh did it ever.

Not one to be a big fan of heights I still couldn’t let this opportunity pass, especially when I met Yvette who wanted to do a lifestyle shoot. So we set the date and got the ball rolling.

Once the shoot started though, as breathtaking as the view was, there is no arguing over how stunning Yvette looked up there. There’s something this gal just exudes. Happiness maybe? Bubbly-firecraker-ness? What ever you want to call it, this girl is just electric and it was a blast to work with her!

Lifestyle photos

Lifestyle photos. Montreal. 2011.

You can read what Yvette thought of her experience with Photography By Melanie HERE!