{Photography By Melanie} Has a new home…

After many trials, tribulations and troubleshooting way beyond my own personal skill set + expertise ( anyone who knows me knows how much I hate calling 1-800 help lines, but I had to) and it actually didn’t help much.

So, I’ve Googled, edited, nit-picked the living lights out of this website. I’ve fidgeted in my chair four hours in front of my laptop all in the hopes of having a new home for Photography By M…

And now its HERE !

A good way to start September. Two shoots in the editing stages, two happy couple clients, a new website… Now I know its just time to roll up the sleeves and keep on pushing through but honestly I couldn’t be prouder of the direction this is taking.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Here’s a little something I saw that may put a smile on your face… and I also thought it was appropriate. We all know I’m going to be a busy bee for the next little while…

Animal photography