{ Yvette } Lifestyle Shoot

A little bird told me : there’s a really cool location you should use… gave me a key. An address. And told me I should go on the roof that it would take my breath away. Oh gosh did it ever.

Not one to be a big fan of heights I still couldn’t let this opportunity pass, especially when I met Yvette who wanted to do a lifestyle shoot. So we set the date and got the ball rolling.

Once the shoot started though, as breathtaking as the view was, there is no arguing over how stunning Yvette looked up there. There’s something this gal just exudes. Happiness maybe? Bubbly-firecraker-ness? What ever you want to call it, this girl is just electric and it was a blast to work with her!

Lifestyle photos

Lifestyle photos. Montreal. 2011.

You can read what Yvette thought of her experience with Photography By Melanie HERE!


{ Erin } Lifestyle Shoot

Meet Erin.  A lovely French + English + German speaking Romanian descending gal who’s one true lover’s name sounds a lot like Angel. Ouf. So many languages. Amazing. And those EYES! Seriously.

She was moving to Paris the day of the shoot… a few hours later to be precise. She was headed to the airport & off to a beautiful new life + adventure across the pond.. doing what she does best. Look darn cute!

Glad we managed to make some  time to finally shoot (we had a few schedule issues and miss-communications in the past)  but when its all said and done I am quite happy with our little hour long shoot together.

Lifestyle photos. Montreal. 2011.

{Myriam+Max} Couple Shoot in Montreal…

This is Myriam + Max. I can definitely say that these two love each other! They have this chemistry that you can feel a mile away if you happen to be looking in their direction. That. Is hard to find. Such a young couple that loves each other this much. Ahh. Beauty.

I had a wonderful time dealing with this couple. They were all smiles, laughs and giggles. And when they looked at each other; Oh dear! The light in their eyes! Hopefully you can teach a few people a couple tricks guys.. I think our generation needs it! 😛

couple shoot

Couple photos. Old Montreal. 2011.

{Francis + Maga-Li} Couple Shoot Montreal

We started out at their home, which smelt of lovely home cooked lasagna, (Maga-li is becoming quite the cook from what I understand ) and picked out their outfits together.. Shoes.. Accessories.. And we got all hyped and ready to go.

We drove out together to old port and shook our jitters out.. Then something magical happened. They just settled into who they are, a couple very much in love while my camera clicked away. As if by magic we got frame after frame of what they truly are as a couple. Young. In love. Happy and dancing. LOVE it!